Dear Friends,

Since my election to the Senate in 2012, I have dedicated myself to representing my district and all Minnesotans. As a business owner and mom with a growing family, I understand the challenges facing working families. I’m dedicated to building prosperity for all Minnesotans. That’s why I’m focused on issues like affordable childcare and supporting small businesses. We must find common ground on transportation investments and improve outcomes from our education system. These are not easy tasks. They require hard work and compromise. As your Senator, I will continue to bring your voice to the debate to create effective, common sense public policy solutions.


Minnesota State Senator For
Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, and Minnetonka

Build a Stronger Minnesota

Let’s Build a Stronger Minnesota

Priority Issues

I have made it a priority to bring your voice to the legislature by staying connected to you and sharing my work on your behalf.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Transportation

District Resources

Phone: 612-564-3299
Fax: 612-729-5999
PO Box 24694
Edina, MN 55424