Against tremendous odds, we did it! It was an honor to have my name on the ballot on election day, but this campaign belongs to you: To the voters of Edina, West Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka. My opponent Keith Downey ran a spirited race and we must recognize his years of public service to Minnesota.

Since I joined the race in February, the momentum has continued to build in this campaign.  On Tuesday we proved what an organized, energetic and dedicated group of people can accomplish. I’m so grateful to our amazing volunteers. Let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! This is your victory. You cast your votes, put in thousands of hours of door-knocking, lit dropping, phone-calling, hosting fundraisers, attending events, marching in parades and bringing food.

Thank you also to our campaign staff. These are amazing, talented and dedicated people and I was fortunate to have them supporting this effort every single day. Of course I could not do this without my family. I’m especially grateful for the hardest working volunteer, door-knocker and lawn sign king, my husband Nathan.

In February, together with Nathan, I made the decision to run. The first thing we did was to call our friends and family and we asked them to help. They came through for me every step of the way.  But the thing I didn’t anticipate was how many new friends we would make during this campaign. The campaign became a community of people joining together to say that we can do better and that wemust do better for the future of Minnesota.

This is the time to celebrate this unprecedented win. But soon it will be time to get to work. The community has bestowed upon me this privilege of public service. I look forward to serving as the Senator for all the people of District 49 and I promise you that I will work tirelessly and do my very best to represent your voice at the Capitol. Thank you again and let’s get to work!


Melisa Franzen