Education: Minnesota has lost its place as a national leader in education. The legislature used accounting gimmicks and borrowed $2.4 billion from schools to make the budget appear balanced. Paying schools back will be a top priority for me. I will work to stop the erosion of our education system by promoting innovation, strengthening science and technology education, and working together with teachers and the community so that every child can achieve his or her full potential. I support smart, long-term investment in education to maintain our quality of life and prepare the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. Strong schools will support economic growth, and maintain an attractive environment for investment in Minnesota.

Jobs and the Economy: Putting Minnesota back to work is the most sustainable way to grow our economy. I will support start-ups and entrepreneurs so they thrive in Minnesota. We must implement a simplified, transparent tax code and streamline the regulatory environment so that business can invest in Minnesota with confidence and predictability. Together with the business community we will accomplish the long-term improvement and maintenance of the infrastructure and transit system that businesses and the public rely on every day. After the longest government shutdown on record, Minnesota’s AAA credit rating was downgraded. I will work tirelessly and responsibily to restore Minnesota’s good credit. 

Budget and Taxes: It’s time for Minnesota to balance the State budget honestly, without gimmicks or accounting tricks. I will work for a budget that is balanced and sustainable over the long-term. I will also work to repair our complicated tax system. It’s time to implement tax reform that eliminates unfair loopholes and provides a predictable revenue stream to fund vital government programs while protecting vulnerable citizens. 

Southwest Light Rail Transit: I support the development of the Southwest Light Rail Transit corridor. Light Rail is projected to create 60,000 new jobs along the corridor. The project has a broad base of support in the business community and by five local chambers of commerce. 

Health Care: I will bring leadership to health care reform implementation that works for Minnesota. We can’t stand by and simply wait for the Federal government to impose a one-size-fits-all solution for our State. To date, the legislature has failed to take any action on this important issue facing Minnesota. I will work to move forward an implementation that puts the health and well-being of Minnesotans first. Access to affordable and quality health care, and cost-containment will be my focus.

Constitutional Amendments: I will fight against needless constitutional amendments that marginalize people and put them down at a time when we need the best from every Minnesotan. It is absurd that the legislature made constitutional amendments their priority at a time when the priority should be creating jobs and balancing the budget. The proposed constitutional amendments are a distraction and highlight a failure of leadership in the legislature.

Clean Energy: We need to maintain Minnesota’s leadership as a Clean Energy State. We all benefit from a clean energy economy. By creating clean energy right here in Minnesota, we protect our natural resources, create local jobs and help to protect ourselves from energy price volatility. I support the continued advancement of this industry.