Senator Franzen Capitol Report April 27-May 1, 2015

  Dear Constituents and Friends, We are 18 days away from our constitutional deadline to adjourn from the legislative session on May 18th. This week we took up two omnibus bills on the Senate floor, the Transportation and E-12 bills. Additionally, one of my bills SF1438 that allows for contracting with retired workers compensation judges

Senator Franzen Capitol Report May 4-8, 2015

  Dear Constituents and Friends, We are less than two weeks away from adjourning the 2015 legislative session. This week the Senate took on the Tax Omnibus Bill and conference committees are in full swing. On the Senate floor we are also taking up bills on general orders. We are still waiting for final budget

Senator Franzen Capitol Report May 11-15, 2015

  Dear Constituents and Friends, We are just three days away from adjournment from the legislative session on Monday, May 18th, 2015. It is difficult to imagine how we will accomplish all the work remaining to be done, particularly on the HHS Conference Committee I serve on. Without a budget target for the HHS division,

Senator Franzen Capitol Report May 18-22, 2015

  Dear Constituents and Friends, As you may already know, the legislative session ended abruptly at midnight on Monday, May 18th and given the recent veto by Governor Dayton of the education bill, we are heading into a special session. Although divided government made it difficult for the Senate and the House to fulfill all

Column: Why I’m opposing the new Senate office building

Publication: Edina Sun Current By Melisa Franzen Guest Columnist Early this week, the Senate Rules Committee approved plans for a new Senate office building that will accommodate all 67 senators. The building will also provide large hearing rooms accessible to all members of the public. With its passage in committee, the proposal will now go

Letter: Thanks for Franzen’s work on Safe Routes to School

Publication: Edina Sun Current To the editor: We want to thank Sen. Melisa Franzen for her leadership in approving funding for the Minnesota Safe Routes to School program in this year’s legislative session. The funding will be used to support Minnesota’s communities and schools in their efforts to make it safer for students who want

The Senator Next Door

The Senator Next Door

9/2/15 7pm Great turnout at Galleria Edina Barnes & Noble for “The Senator Next Door” book reading and signing by Senator Amy Klobuchar. Thank you for visiting our district and sharing great stories about growing up in the suburbs.

DFL women

DFL women

9/2/15 10:00am Thank you for inviting me to join the DFL Women gathering in Minnetonka. It was fun to introduce baby Philip to the group. It was also great to share the program with Peggy Flanagan, the next State Representative for House District 46A.